According to a press release on, there is one DUI checkpoint planned for this weekend. It is scheduled for Friday, February 24th.  It will be conducted by New Castle County DUI Checkpoint Strikeforce in Wilmington.

No further specific information was available about the planned DUI checkpoint.

The press release indicates that there will be two DUI checkpoints each month until June, at which point weekly DUI checkpoints will resume.

The problem with DUI checkpoints is that they ensnare all drivers, not just the guilty. Stopping all drivers in an attempt to find the law breakers violates everyone’s rights. I am not in favor of drunk driving or impaired driving, but there are more effective and more Constitutional ways to find the law breakers that don’t involve stopping and detaining innocent people. Hopefully the day will come soon when the State of Delaware puts an end to DUI checkpoints and focuses its efforts on more reasonable measures such as roving patrols. 

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