DMV License Revocation Lawyer

All DUI cases in Delaware are really two cases: the criminal part of the case in court, and the Delaware Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) license revocation or driving privilege revocation hearing.

If you were arrested in Delaware for Driving While Intoxicated, the arresting officer should have taken possession of your driver’s license and he should have given you a temporary license. The temporary license is usually a white piece of paper, 8½” x 11”, with blue writing on it. It’s valid for fifteen days, then it automatically terminates or ends.

The only way to keep the temporary license from automatically terminating at the end of the fifteen days is to request a hearing before the revocation section of DMV within that fifteen day period. Instructions for requesting a hearing are usually printed on the back of your temporary license.

Even if you don’t have a Delaware license, and even if you are licensed in another state, you need to request a hearing before the Delaware DMV to retain your privilege to drive on the roads of Delaware. If your privileges are revoked in Delaware, it is very likely that your home state will learn about it and suspend or terminate your driver’s license.

If you appear at your DMV hearing without an attorney, you will need to try the case yourself. This is not a good idea. Hire a qualified and competent DUI lawyer to go to the DMV hearing with you. If you hire us to defend your DMV case, we will handle your DMV license revocation hearing for free.

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DMV License Revocation Lawyer

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