The Delaware Office of Highway Safety announced earlier this month that it will be coordinating stepped-up statewide St. Patrick’s Day weekend DUI enforcement March 16 and 17. DUI saturation patrols will be conducted by police in Clayton, Dover, Felton, Georgetown, Harrington,  Laurel, Middletown, Milford, Millsboro, New Castle County, Newark, Newport, Seaford, Smyrna and by the Delaware State Police.  We do not have any information about checkpoints as of the time of this post.

Don't drink and drive this St Patty's Day!

In 2011, there were 66 DUI arrests resulting from St. Patrick’s Day enforcement activities. That’s 66 people whose ‘Luck of the Irish’ failed them. How can you avoid being one of those people who will get arrested for DUI this weekend? The short answer to that question is Don’t Drive. Here are some thoughts on how to avoid driving:

First, you can designate a driver. This is easier and takes less planning than you would imagine. Just get a ride to wherever you plan to party rather than driving there yourself. Make sure that the person who drops you off knows you will be calling later for a ride back home.

Second, another option is to call a cab. There are taxi companies all over Delaware. Here is a list of every taxi company in Delaware with locations and phone numbers, which we copied from the DMV Office of Public Carrier Regulations website:

Dan’s Taxi, Claymont DE, 302-883-8826

Champion Transportation Services, Newark DE 302-383-4706

City Cab, Dover DE, 302-678-8200

Beach Ride Taxi, Milton DE, 302-645-6800

Charles Taxi, Newark DE, 302-981-8767

Checker Transportation, Newark DE 302-883-9330

D&G Taxi, Warwick MD, 410-755-6455

Yellow Cab, Wilmington DE, (302) 656-8151

Delaware Concierge Taxi, Wilmington DE, (302) 602-2222

Eagle Taxi Cab, Inc., Newark DE, (302) 397-1568

Eastern Shore Transport, Inc., Milton DE, (302) 448-5590

Abe Taxi, Newark DE, (302) 419-8222

Quality Ride, Newark DE, (302) 252-7931

Elite Taxi Cab, Inc., Newark DE, (302) 438-4673

Family Taxi, Inc., New Castle DE, (302) 256-0674

Georges Car and Business Services, Kenton DE, (302) 223-5000

Emerald Taxi Co., Newark DE, (302) 442-0876

1st Choice Taxi, Newark DE, (302) 230-1895

The Date Taxi, Bear DE, (302) 668-4379

Hope Taxi, New Castle DE, (302) 723-1398

Ivory Taxi, Bear DE, (302)983-8359

Johns Cab Company, Wilmington, DE      (302)521-9877

Newark Express Taxi, Newark, DE (302)384-2448

Galaxy Cab, Newark, DE (302)252-8882

Zizo Taxi Cab, Newark, DE (302)528-5663

302 Taxi Service, Newark DE, (302)897-4943

Nadal Taxi, New Castle DE, (302) 528-4153

Del Taxi, Claymont DE, (302) 354-9190

Noni Taxi Cab, Newark DE, (302)897-8915

Orville McFarlane t/a Fastest Kid On The Block, New Castle, DE (302)743-5016

First State Taxi Service, Wilmington, DE (302)897-2829

Diamond State Taxi, New Castle, DE (302)444-1703

Saferide Taxi Co., Newark, DE (302)252-5771

Sams Transportation, Claymont, DE (302)442-1421

Apple Car, Newark, DE (302)743-0831

Shamrock Taxi, Lewes, DE (302)360-8360

Maani Taxi Cab, Newark, DE (302)607-1031

Always Ready Taxi, New Castle, DE (302)753-5747

Seacoast Cab Co., Wilmington DE, (302) 834-7575

Willy Cab, Wilmington, (302)465-1252


Whatever you do, don’t let this weekend be the last weekend you have a driver’s license. A DUI now could ruin your who summer.


Matt Stiller

The “Delaware DUI Defender”


Matt Stiller is the Delaware DUI Defender. He represents the accused in all criminal cases in Delaware, and focuses his practice on defense of driving under the influence charges in the Justice of the Peace Courts, Court of Common Pleas in New Castle County, Delaware, Court of Common Pleas in Kent County, and Court of Common Pleas in Sussex County. Matt also handles Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) drivers' license revocation hearings resulting from DUI arrests. If you need a DUI attorney in Delaware, please contact Matt at (302) 654-4930 in Wilmington or (302) 678-8700 in Dover. There is no charge to speak to Matt about your case.


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