A friend forwarded this interesting article from 6 ABC in Arizona about DUI Checkpoints. The article is written to inform people of their rights when stopped at a DUI Checkpoint. It contains some useful information (for more detailed info about what to do when stopped for DUI, check out my Side of the Road DUI Guide). The thing that's really interesting is the mention of the DUI Dodger app for smart phones. Apparently, there is actually an app that purports to be able to identify locations of DUI Checkpoints. Here is a link to the website where it can be downloaded: https://www.duicheckpointfinder.com/

dui dodger appI wonder how accurate the app is, and whether anyone in Delaware is using it? If you have experience with this, please let me know what you think at my law firm's facebook page or submit your info through the "Contact Matt" link.

Matt Stiller


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