If you were arrested and charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI aka DWI) in the State of Delaware Wednesday, November 27 through Sunday, December 1, 2013, you will find that just about all the law firms are closed. Never fear – the Delaware DUI Defender is on call the entire weekend.

You can speak to an attorney about your Delaware DUI case for free by phone and get your questions answered. Some common questions people normally ask are:

What am I facing if I get convicted?

Am I going to lose my license?

How much does it cost to hire a lawyer for my case?

Are there any legal or Constitutional defenses that I can raise?

What are my chances?

Here is how you get a free consultation: Click here and submit your basic contact information. Be sure to tell Matt a range of times when you expect you will be available to speak on the phone. Matt will email you once he receives your online submission and he will coordinate a time to talk to you.

When you speak to him, it will be helpful if you have all the paperwork relating to your case. He will go over the forms with you and explain what everything means, and what steps you need to take immediately to protect your legal rights.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving, and if you need the Delaware DUI Defender, we are only a click away!