Delaware Checkpoint Strikeforce has checkpoints planned for this weekend:

-Friday Oct. 26th Checkpoints will be conducted in Wilmington and in Georgetown, DE

-Saturday Oct. 27th there will be a checkpoint in Wilmington conducted by the NcCo DUI Task Force centered around the Halloween Loop.

DUI checkpoints are of questionable value in stopping driving under the influence. Compared to the number of citizens who are stopped and detained, relatively very few arrests are made. The argument can be made that the real value in regular checkpoints is found in discouraging people from drinking and driving in the first place. But you have to ask yourself, have you ever met anyone who told you they would have driven under the influence if not for all the checkpoints around Delaware? Have you ever been discouraged yourself from driving when you weren’t 100% sure you were sober simply because there are checkpoints being conducted?

The problem we have with checkpoints is that they take a dragnet approach to law enforcement. It’s illegal to possess pot, but the police are not allowed to go door-to-door searching homes and apartments for pot baggies or bongs. That would violate the 4th Amendment to the Constitution. So why is it constitutional for the police to go car-to-car searching for people who admit to having had a drink before driving?

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