I often read the paper or read the news online, and I often would like to express my thoughts about the subject matter. Well, this time, the reporter actually called me and I had the privilege of expressing my thoughts!

You can check out the article here on DelawareOnline.

Basically, the point of the article is that Delaware is missing out on funding because we don’t have a state-wide open container law. An open container law is a law that prohibits carrying open containers of alcohol. It would prevent people from walking down the street drinking a beer or carrying a glass of wine.

I think we should not have a statewide open container law. It would be one more law for the government to use to abridge the freedoms of the American (Delaware) public. It would be an excuse to stop pedestrians, and an excuse to pull over motorists who appear to have open containers in their vehicles. We don’t need more laws. Maybe we could just focus on the ones we have.

Anyway, that’s enough “soap-boxing” for me for one day! It is really nice to be quoted in the News Journal though. Thanks for calling Karl Baker!

Matt Stiller

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