There is no better feeling that I have had the pleasure to discover in the practice of law than to see the wheels of justice turn out a fair, equitable and accurate result with the help of twelve brave citizens sitting as a Superior Court jury.

I started a trial last week for my client, a Dover man, who was charged with the following crimes:
Possession with intent to deliver marijuana (a serious felony),
Maintaining a vehicle for storage, use or consumption of drugs (another felony),
Conspiracy 2nd degree (felony),
Possession of drug paraphernalia (misdemeanor), and
Driving over a median (traffic violation).

The jury returned it’s verdict today: Not Guilty on all charges.

I truly believe my client was actually innocent. He was riding in a vehicle with a woman who had the drugs in her possession. They clearly were not my client’s drugs, and I am just very grateful to the jurors who had the gumption to stand up for truth and justice and who refused to convict an innocent man.

Lesson: make sure you know who and what is in the car with you. You could be arrested and charged with someone else’s illegal drugs, guns or other possessions, just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.


James M. (“Matt”) Stiller, Jr., Esq. represents the accused in all courts in Delaware in all manner of criminal cases, including drug cases and DUI.