The Supreme Court of Delaware reversed a DUI 1st Offense conviction for my client Cookie Hunter this past week. Hunter was arrested for DUI and other criminal offenses about three years ago in September of 2009. He was administered a blood test to determine his blood alcohol content or BAC. The test came back showing a .12 BAC, but the test kit was expired and the police officer testified that the vacutainer tube was vigorously shaken. The manufacturer’s recommendations state specifically NOT to use an expired blood test kit, and NOT to vigorously shake the tube once the blood is drawn. The danger that is inherent in sloppy police work is that unreliable scientific tests will result in unreliable convictions of innocent people. This Supreme Court opinion will protect the innocent motorists going forward by only permitting the trial courts to admit into evidence or consider blood alcohol content tests where the manufacturers specifications are strictly followed by the police. To read more about this important precedent, please go to the article at