Service members can be charged for driving under the influence (DUI) off-base and on-base in the military under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), Section 911: Art. 111. Military men and women can be subject to a court martial and adverse administrative actions if convicted of a DUI.

The state could suspend your license, require an ignition interlock device, and impose other penalties that impact your driving privileges on and off the job—even your ability to possess a firearm.

What are the Consequences of a Military DUI?

Consequences for military folks are slightly different in drinking and driving incidents. You could face DUI charges in federal court, and the commanding officer will reign in sentencing and action. This could include punitive and administrative penalties.

Per, penalties for a DUI might include punitive actions such as forfeiture of pay, grade reduction, imprisonment, or dismissal. Administrative measures might play a role, too, including revocation of driving privileges, corrective training, a letter of reprimand, and a bar to reenlistment.

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Will the Military Find Out About a DUI?

It’s not likely that your DUI charge will slip past the chain of command or any other serious offense.

Military folks might assume that the same rules on-base don’t apply off-base. This is not true. Your choices outside of work will undoubtedly impact your job, especially with a severe criminal offense such as driving under the influence. These choices can also hinder your career opportunities, assignments, ability to carry a firearm, and duties.

Remember that you have the right to consult an attorney and hire legal representation to defend and protect your rights. Pleading guilty is not your only option, and a charge is not an immediate conviction.

Can You Join the Military After a DUI?

Sometimes you make mistakes when you’re younger, affecting your future. This can happen with a DUI.

A DUI conviction could prevent you from joining the military, though the military will review various factors first. This might include the age you committed the offense, how many convictions you have on your record, the severity of the DUI offense, and if any actions were taken.

The military is selective about their chosen people, and clean background is an essential component. This should not deter you.

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