Unlike a misdemeanor charge—which typically results in monetary fines and some jail time, a felony DUI typically involves property damage in some capacity, injury inflicted on one or more people, bodily harm, wrongful death, or multiple DUI offenses.

Punishments for a felony DUI are more brutal and have a lasting impact, as they are more severe than misdemeanor charges. You can experience extended jail or prison time, probation, expensive fines, court and attorney fees, alcohol rehabilitation, and more with a conviction.

Is a Felony DUI the Worst Charge You Can Get?

A felony conviction is the highest possible sentence for a DUI charge. Repeat offenses, such as a third DUI, are considered a class G felony. A fourth and fifth offense is a class E felony. If you harm or injure someone in a drunk driving car accident, cause property damage, or kill a person or people due to impaired driving—the consequences are severe.

Charges will stay on your record forever as criminal offenses and hinder your ability to find and keep a job, secure a loan, and more.

Consequences include jail or a prison sentence in more severe cases, from one to 40 years, and significant monetary fines. Victims also can sue you for personal injury, or the family member’s victims can press charges and seek compensation for wrongful death.

What are the Consequences of a Felony DUI?

By the third drunk driving conviction and beyond, you have a felony DUI charge on your hands. In addition to jail time and significant monetary fines, you will likely lose your driving privileges and seek alcohol and substance abuse treatment.

  • A third offense constitutes a class G felony and carries a fine of up to $3,000 and incarceration of up to two years.
  • A fourth offense constitutes a class E felony and carries a fine of up to $7,000 and incarceration of up to five years.
  • A fifth offense constitutes a class E felony and carries a fine of up to $10,000 and incarceration of up to five years.

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Can a DUI Attorney Help My Case?

DUI convictions can stay on your driving record for five years, and felony DUI charges can result in fines up to $10,000, three years of license revocation, and up to six years of prison time or more. If you’ve injured other people or killed another person, your sentence only goes up from there.

Felony DUIs are criminal offenses, and when your life is on the line, don’t risk your freedom or your rights with any run-of-the-mill attorney who won’t stand up on your behalf for a better sentence and will likely have you plead guilty and ruin your chances of a fair fight and trial.

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